RMC-Boeckeler Introduces Advanced Substrate Holder for Serial Sectioning and Array Tomography


RMC-Boeckeler to Debut Dual-Wheel AmbiTome & Host Variety of Sample Prep Tutorials at M&M Booth #524 — RMC-Boeckeler will demonstrate several new sample preparation instruments July 25-28 at M&M in Columbus, Ohio, booth #524. Among them, will be the debut of the RMC AmbiTome PC-Controlled ultramicrotome with dual hand wheels – the first ultramicrotome that allows users to operate the equipment with either hand. See the full press release (pdf).

RMC-Boeckeler Launches AmbiTome PC-Controlled Ultramicrotome So Either Hand Can Manipulate Sections — RMC-Boeckeler recently launched the RMC-Boeckeler AmbiTome PC-controlled ultramicrotome, featuring dual hand wheels that allow users to operate the equipment with either hand. Having this choice typically frees the dominant hand for the more intricate task of manipulating sections. The AmbiTome will debut at the M&M booth #524. See the full news release (pdf).

A Role for the RMC ATUMtome & RMC Advanced Substrate Holder in CLEM and NanoSIMS Research — RMC article on how these products can fulfill a role beyond connectomics, including morphological analysis in correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (nanoSIMS). (January 21, 2016)  Read the full article (pdf).

RMC-Boeckeler Introduces Advanced Substrate Holder for Serial Sectioning and Array Tomography — RMC-Boeckeler announced the commercial release of the RMC ASH-100 advanced substrate holder for ultramicrotome users who collect serial sections for array tomography and correlative workflows. (December 18, 2015). See the full press release (pdf).

On the Road to Large Volumes in LM and SEM: New Tools for Array Tomography — Paper by Irene Wacker, Waldmar Spomer, Andreas Hofmann, Ulrich Gengenbach, Marlene Thaler, Len Ness, Pat Brey and Rasmus R. Schroder on the advantage of array tomography over serial blockface methods of reconstructing large volumes of samples at ultra-structural resolution. Mentions the RMC ATUMtome automated tape collecting system.  Microscopy & Microanalyis (August 2015). Paper introduced here (pay for full article).

Boeckeler Instruments Restructures to Focus on Nanotech –Boeckeler Instruments Inc., announces the successful completion of the spin-off of its Pointmaker product line into a separate company and the restructuring of the remaining company in order to enhance the long term value of the RMC-Boeckeler nanotech product line.  (August 14, 2015). Read thefull press release (pdf).

At M&M: RMC-Boeckeler Brings Special Line-Up of New EM Sample Prep Products, Tutorials & Demos  —  RMC-Boeckeler is preparing for a larger presence this year at the M&M exhibit, Aug. 3-6, in Portland, Ore., by presenting new sample preparation products and hosting more demos and evening tutorials with key scientists than it has in previous years. (July 1, 2015) Read the full press release (pdf).

RMC-Boeckeler Introduces LN-Ultra Cryosectioning System for Serial Section Applications — Read about the release of the RMC-NL Ultra cryosectioning system designed for both biological and industrial applications that require low temperature serial sectioning. The system’s first public exhibition will be at M&M in Portland, Ore., Aug. 3-6, booth #867. (June 12, 2015) See the full news release (pdf).

The ATUMtome for Automated Serial Sectioning and 3-D Imaging (Paul Webster, Dave Bentley, Jonelle Kearney) published in the March/April 2015 editon of Microscopy & Analysis. The ability to obtain serial sections for 3-D imaging recently took a giant step forward with the introduction of the Automatic Tape-collecting UltraMicrotome, or ATUMtome (Schalek, et al., 2011). Now it is possible for anyone with basic ultramicrotomy skills to collect thousands of serial sections and reconstruct sectioned volumes in three dimensions.  Online PDFreproduced from Microscopy and Analysis ©2015 John Wiley and Sons Ltd

RMC Products Launches ATUMtome to Automate Serial Sectioning for 3-D Imaging Applications: As research transitions from 2-D to 3-D imaging, there is a growing requirement to increase efficiency in volume imaging of samples. RMC Products by Boeckeler Instruments answered part of this need by launching the ATUMtome (Automated Tape-collecting Ultramicrotome) during the Society of Neuroscience 2014 meeting in Washington, D.C. in partnership with ZEISS. (Nov. 7, 2014) See the full news release (pdf).

Making Your Own Hair Probe: A Simple Guide, by Bob Chiovetti of Boeckeler Instruments. See page 46 in the November issue of Microscopy Today for this “how to” on making your own hair probe — a popular topic we are often asked about.

RMC GKM Glass Knife Makers Take Guesswork Out of Making Glass Knives: Glass knife edges need to be both extremely sharp and stable for use in cutting ultra-thin samples in ultramicrotomy. See this PDF article on how RMC Products designed the GKM-2 glass knife maker to take the guesswork out of providing these qualities.

RMC and Cutting Edge Graphene Research: The RMC Products PT-XL PowerTomeultramicrotome helped scientists at Kansas State University to produce semiconducting graphene nanostructures of predetermined shapes and sizes, important for a wide variety of applications in electronics, optoelectronics and electromagnetics. Their research was achieved by diamond-edge-induced nanotomy (nanoscale-cutting) of graphite into graphite nanoblocks that were then exfoliated into graphene quantum dots, with edge roughness <1nm. Referred to as the “nanotome” in this cutting edge research, the PT-XL and top-of-the-line PT-PC are the ultramicrotomes of choice for sectioning today’s nanomaterials.



Nanoflight: Take a look at this stunning video showing SEM-HD images of everyday plants and insects by industry friend and scientific photographer Stefan Diller of Wűrzberg, Germany.  His work won the Technikpreis 2013 award from the German Society of Electron Microscopy (DGE) for his “nanoflight” project, making colored eight-axis animated HDTV videos for SEM possible.

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